Lumlukka's Main Cable

Where the magic happens! Come ride and share good vibes with friends and family.

Since 2009, TWP’s main cable has been established as one of the most popular wakeboarding destinations for wakeboarders from all around the world. With our unique features setup, we focus on delivering the best wakeboarding experience while maintaining a chill laid back vibe!  Good for hanging out with friends & family :-)

Why our main cable is so special?


Having a hard time turning corners?

Our cableway is a 5-tower Rixen system that will make turning a breeze! It runs counter clockwise and has the ideal cable height and tension for wakeboarding and wakeskating.

Don’t like choppy water?

We’ve placed an island in the middle of the water to create a smoother water surface so you can pull those tricks with ease, also allowing for beginners to progress faster.

Hate those long walks back to the start dock?

Well we have a pick up service around the lake so that we can drive you and your board, back to the start dock. Letting you enjoy more time riding on the water, not walking around the lake.